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Workshop Descriptions

Introduction to Encaustic Painting – The Basics and Beyond

In this hands-on workshop, students will explore the luminous beauty and versatility of encaustic art— painting with molten, pigmented beeswax. This ancient art form has evolved into one of the most versatile mediums available to contemporary artists and offers many exciting, creative possibilities!

The workshop will focus on encaustic painting basics, as well as how to easily and inexpensively incorporate encaustic into a regular studio practice. Equipment and tools, encaustic paint recipes, painting supports and more will be discussed. Students will learn how to create image, texture and line using a variety of techniques and how to embed collage elements, found objects and image transfers within translucent layers of wax. No matter your current medium or genre, encaustic has much to offer. Beginners welcome as are prior workshop registrants. Ample time for hands-on work will be provided.

Encaustic Monotype Printmaking

This workshop combines the directness and immediacy of the monotype with the richness and luminosity of encaustic painting. This versatile process eliminates the multiple steps of encaustic painting and the toxicity of inks and solvents of traditional printmaking on a press. Drawing with pigmented wax, students will create one-of-a-kind prints by ‘pulling’ their painted image directly from a heated plate – no printing press required! Encaustic monotype lends itself to natural and spontaneous mark making, allowing for extensive creative exploration.

Additional techniques including stenciling, stamping and blocking will be explored the ‘encaustic’ way. Demos and discussions will include paper possibilities, wax recipes, basic studio set-up, etc. Whether used as a primary body of work or combined with mixed-media, collage or book arts, encaustic monotype offers endless possibilities for today’s artist. Ample time for hands-on work will be provided. No prior experience in encaustic painting or printmaking is necessary for this workshop. Prior workshop registrants are welcome.

Beyond the Brush – Alternative Ways of Working with Wax

In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore the possibilities of encaustic paint applications that expand beyond the brush. Participants will work with various non-brush heating tools including electric tjanting tool, hot-wax stylus, hot-wax pen, and more. Participants will be working on a variety of substrates, including panel, tile and plaster cloth forms. These brush alternatives are great for drawing techniques and for adding line and texture to your work. These techniques can be used alone or in conjunction with traditional encaustic painting applications. Come explore the possibilities of developing work that goes beyond the brush!

Encaustic in Three Dimensions

This workshop will explore one of the many ways dimension can be achieved with wax – by applying encaustic paint to plaster cloth forms. Rigid and absorbent when dry, plaster cloth makes a wonderful ground for dimensional encaustic work. In this three-day workshop, participants will work with this versatile material to create three-dimensional forms and reliefs that can stand alone or be incorporated into encaustic panel paintings. When wet, plaster cloth is easily wrapped, folded, draped or molded onto armatures, wire mesh or any solid surface. Once dry, the forms will readily accept encaustic paint. Participants will have ample opportunity to work and apply favors encaustic painting techniques to their created plaster cloth forms. Discussion and demonstrations will include fusing techniques for dimensional work, various ways of joining multiple forms, incorporating imagery and presentation options. Since beginning encaustic techniques will not be addressed in this workshop, prior work with encaustic is advised.

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